Solar Lead Generation Script

Solar Campaign Script

Hi this is_________ calling from Green Energy Solutions. How are you today?

(respond politely and appropriately to customer’s response)

By the way this call is regarding the solar program that we are running in your area. And we are providing a free of cost consultation about our solar program with no obligation on how you can have the solar panels with low to zero money out of your pocket.

It’s an absolutely free consultation about our solar program in which not only you will be saving money by reducing your monthly electric bill, but it will also increase your home value as well.

  1. So are you the home owner and decision maker of the single family residence? (Must be Yes)

(No Townhouses, condos, apartments – Only homeowners)

  1. What is your monthly electric bill costing you? (Must be 150 or above – depending on utility company)
  2. Does that include the gas part? ( can be yes or no)


Ok and I believe you already know that the electricity rates are increasing by 7% every year on average but we ensure the fixed rates for the rest of the time.


  1. Who is your current utility company?
  2. Are you getting any medical or care discount from your power company?
  3. I do believe you have a good credit score like more than 700, am I correct? ( Should be 700 or more)
  4. The last thing I want to confirm is, what about your roof, are there any tall trees or big buildings around your home which put shade on your roof or you have full exposure to the sun? (should be no shading issue)


So you look like a perfect candidate to qualify for our low to zero money down program and the consultation that we are providing will let you know exactly how much you will be saving in the future.

So, to confirm details that I have:

Your full name is:

And your address is:

And your telephone number is :


Alright, thank you. I am just going to connect this call to one of our consultants.  He/She will give you a quick recap just to check I did not miss anything , please hold the line for 5 to 10 seconds as I will transfer you.  Or for Appointment Set Up, follow below:

One of our solar advisors will be in your area to share with you more about this energy saving go green program. It is a free energy analysis.  What time of the day is better for you and your (husband/wife) morning, afternoon or are evenings better?


I have (day and time) or (day and time) which is better for you and (husband/wife)?


Ok I have that on our calendar for (day, date and time). What number can we reach you during the daytime? (try and get an alternative number)


From time to time we inform people about energy saving and go green programs, offers and tax incentives, what email address can we update you about this?


All we need you to have ready when we arrive is a current copy of your electric bill. We will take approximately 30-45 mins to go over your electric bill and show you what you can expect in savings, tax credits and rebates through the California/AZ Solar Energy program. Do you have any questions at this time?


(answer them then close off)


Thank you for your time and our solar advisor will look forward to seeing you and (husband/wife) on (day, date and time)

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