Solar lead generation platform

To help streamline and maximize the success of new client acquisition, Discover Solar would become a white label quality control and appointment scheduling team for all external lead generation. This will ensure maximum conversion rates while dramatically reducing the number of not interested encounters.

By increasing the quality of each sales touch point our clients will be able to maintain and grow a strong in house sales organization based on high conversion rates and the subsequent positive morale.

Proposed lead process flow

internal technical infrastructure to manage and maintain quality control and appointment scheduling.

These systems can provide management rollup reports to ensure transparency and to assist with collaboration.

Quality Control

qualification agents will receive leads from external lead vendors and schedule sales appointments. Each appointment will be confirmed 24 hours prior to appointment time and date (Prospect will be rescheduled if needed).

Lead Nurturing

in-house appointment agents will maintain an ongoing lead nurturing campaign to breathe life into all prospects that were not successfully scheduled as an appointment but showed some interest will maintain a centralized DNC list


Discover Solar will be compensated at various points along the sales process.

1. Scheduled Appointment

All traffic is generated through online search  (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Social Media, SEO) to our in-house proprietary website via-


Through our funnel we educate the lead on the benefits of solar so they are interested. Our in house verification team receives the lead in real-time, and then runs a Quality Control verification script via outbound call and confirms the client is interested, able, and willing to take an onsite visit from a licensed solar installation firm.

Once they confirm that the lead meets all criteria, the lead is then batched over to our delivery que for deployment out, to our portfolio of solar partners.


-Filters Provided



-Contact Info- Phone, Name & Property Address

-Monthly Electric Bill Is on Average $150 per month or more

-Consumer is NOT currently receiving any assistance or discounts on their electric bill

-Credit Profile is rated Good to Excellent

-Single Family, Detached Residence Properties Only

-Roof of the Property Receives Adequate Sunlight Exposure

-No BKs, Foreclosures, or Short Sales within the past 3 years

-Appointment Date for onsite Visit is confirmed and scheduled




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