Do you need high converting solar leads?

Our proven strategy will help you dominate the solar industry in your area

We call on web leads to verify the information and make sure the homeowner is actually interested in learning about how solar can help them save money

We have worked with some of the biggest solar companies in the country and have tweaked the process of how we produce and filter out the bad leads to provide with the best solar leads in the industry.

You will receive your leads in as little as 24 hours from when you sign up and we have a generous return policy, if you can't contact them we replace the leads.

Please call us today 1-888-571-6660 to grow your business, our current cost per acquisition is $1000 with the leads that were are currently selling, we do 3000 leads a week.


Appointment Verification

  • Qualification Criteria

    Home owned and valued over $350,000+
    Credit Score > 700.
    Decision makers present.
    Energy usage/production picture of the electricity bill.
    Solar motivated.
    Roof production potential.
    Every appointment set is exclusive to that.

  • Design your Solar Lead Generation Campaign

    Define and target qualification criteria.
    We start with premium inbound data.
    Educating and engaging home owners that meet predefined qualifications.

  • Conversion Ratios and Performance Metrics

    Building trust with the home homeowner during the origination of the solar lead is key to better site visit conversions.

    It starts with the solar lead generator

More Features Here

  • Confirmed Solar Appointments

    Highest Qualified Appointments.

  • Exclusive Appointments

    Exclusive to one client; guaranteed! Appointment Setting.

    We make sure your calendar is full

  • Lower Your "Cost to Install"

    Our demand generation program will lower your CPA.

  • Campaign Targeting

    Solar Companies are offered the ability to focus on targeted areas for customized solar lead generation programs.   We can get you more installs in the areas that you desire.

  • How many in home appointments do you need to get one sale?

    Our leads want to go solar

TCPA Compliant

Through our funnel we educate the lead on the benefits of solar so they are interested. Our in house verification team receives the lead in real-time, and then runs a Quality Control verification script via outbound call and confirms the client is interested, able, and willing to take an onsite visit from a licensed solar installation firm.

Once they confirm that the lead meets all criteria, the lead is then batched over to our delivery que for deployment out, to our portfolio of solar partners.

We provide leads that close

we work with just a few solar companies that keep buying our leads because they perform. we replace all leads that do not perform and we help our client solar companies grow

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